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May 2022

Day 1
Day 2
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had to cancel the NERC meeting 2020.
Our initial plan of postponing the meeting till 2021 also wont be realistic judging on the current situation. We therefor decided to schedule the meeting for May 2022.
We will announce the agenda for the NERC meeting 2022 as soon as possible.
Day 3

The venue Solstrand Hotel & Bad, is beautiful embedded in scenic surroundings. Both the spa and the food are widely recognised in Norway. All previous meetings have been characterised by an open and friendly atmosphere where questions are easy to ask, and many are eager to answer and join the discussions.

to be announced 
By Plane:
Nearest airport is Bergen Flesland. The venue is located approximately 30 km south of Bergen and the airport. Taxi (around 800 kr) is the most convenient and quickest way to go  from the airport to Solstrand Hotel & Bad.
Express boat (Hardangerfjordekspressen): You board the express boat at the airport and arrive at the quay in Osøyro (Os), from there you can walk (20 minutes) or take a taxi to Solstrand.
Light rail train and bus ( From the airport you board the light rail train towards Bergen city centre. Get of at Nesttun sentrum and transfer to bus number 600 that will take you to Osøyro (Os).
By Bus:
From Bergen city centre you take the bus number 600 towards Osøyro (Os) ( From there you can walk (20 minutes) or take a taxi to Solstrand Hotel & Bad.
03 May 2021, 13:00
Solstrand Hotel & Bad
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